Stress & Anxiety

Do you take prescribed medications for anxiety or depression and your symptoms have not improved or are still interfering with your daily life?


How anxiety and depression manifest as symptoms:

  • Excessive worrying, fearfulness or guilt

  • Irritability, agitation or restlessness

  • Excessive sadness, emptiness or hopelessness

  • Disturbances in sleeping or eating patterns

  • Mood swings, panic attacks and angry outbursts

  • Exhaustion and chronic fatigue

  • Avoidance of social situations or seeing loved ones


Here at Awaken Wellness, we use research-backed functional nutritional principles and lifestyle changes to help you transform your mental and physical health so that you can enjoy your life once again.

Services We Offer For Stress, Anxiety
& Depression:

Functional Nutrition Coaching Programs

Changing what fuel is going into your body can have a dramatic impact on your symptoms. Specific types of foods can ease the stress response in the body, nourish the nervous system and ease anxiety and stress.

Guided Meditation Sessions

Research shows that meditation and other mindfulness-based practices can have tremendous benefit on the nervous system and assist with the management of difficult emotions.

Meditation has been shown directly decrease the presence of anxiety, depression and stress. This is why we believe that everyone should incorporate meditation into their weekly stress relieving practices. Here at Awaken Wellness, we teach clients how to make meditation and eating healthy easy and practical.


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