Nutrition & Weight Loss

Do you struggle with emotional or stress eating? Are you in need of losing
10-15 or more pounds to reach a healthy, optimal weight?

You May Benefit from Our Nutrition & Weight Loss Services If:

  • You have 10+ lbs to lose to get to a healthy weight for your body type

  • You deal with excess stress and emotions by binge eating

  • You consume a lot of junk & processed foods in your home

  • You don’t know where to start when it comes to eating healthy

  • You are overwhelmed with all the diet options out there and need guidance

Here at Awaken Wellness, we use research-backed functional nutritional principles and lifestyle changes to help you transform your mental and physical health so that you can feel confident in your body once again & feel great!

Services for Nutrition & Weight Loss

Functional Nutrition Coaching Programs

Changing what fuel is going into your body can have a dramatic impact on weight, energy levels and overall vitality. A specific type of food can be one person’s nourishment and another’s poison. Distinguishing which foods to eat and which ones to stay away from can be hard to do alone.

Here at Awaken Wellness, we help clients develop a customized plan to take the headache and stress out of the process of converting to a healthy lifestyle. Our holistic services include customized meal plans, guided detox programs, kitchen and pantry cleanses, grocery store tours, guided meditation and yoga sessions. We develop a plan unique for you and your current lifestyle.


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